Episode 18

318 - Ass of the Titans (Feat. Allen Smock)

Thanos Flopadopalos is just like any other cyclops: he is a being with feelings and dimension and overflowing with administrative talent but people can't get over his name. Can a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Jack has a new venture. Grem deletes the easy way out. Lilith can't stay.⁣

This week's special guest is Allen Smock! Allen is a member of Da Bureau, an improv and sketch comedy troupe that performs every Sunday at Go Comedy! in Ferndale, Michigan, and every Thursday at Planet Ant in Hamtramck, Michigan. They've also recorded a comedy album that you can listen to at gocomedy.bandcamp.com. For more information about Da Bureau, go to dabureauofimprov.com for a calendar of events and more! ⁣

You should also check out Allen's character and setting generator! It's a nifty website that will give you just the suggestion you're looking for. You can also follow Allen on Twitter at @theallensmock.⁣

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