119 - Shuns 'N' Roses (Feat. Mike Bobbitt and Alex Bozinovic)

When you're having relationship issues, you normally wouldn't think to consult the Dead Waves crew, but that's exactly what Lil Dickie Rickets did this week. We help him work things out with his co-host, Thomas Luge. They also discuss Star Wars and fish genitals. Typical week around here. Jack gets a body. Lilith gets a letter from the government. Grem gets in even more trouble with his girlfriend. This episode is a crossover with the TRUTHcast! You can find part two over on their feed: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/truthcast/id1463466271 Like what you hear? Join our Patreon for exclusive content: patreon.com/deadwavesradio And as always, you can email us at deadwavesradio@gmail.com with any questions or comments you might have. Sorry for keeping you so long, I'm normally not this talkative. I just kind of get lonely writing these descriptions, you know? Let's continue this conversation later.

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